Typo3 is an intuitive to use open source software

A user-friendly content management system (CMS) is characterised by the fact that you do not need in-depth programming knowledge or a high level of training to use it. Typo3 is one such system. Typo3 lets you manage dynamic website content, you can quickly access it from anywhere and you will not need to invest in any additional software. With more than half a million installations worldwide, Typo3 is one of the leading content management systems – alongside Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. Typo3 is also open source software and is licenced under the GPL (General Public License). This means that there is no license cost for users.

Create and manage Typo3 websites without HTML knowledge

Users do not need any special template packets or design requirements to implement projects. Any requirement that can be implemented with web standards can also be integrated in Typo3. The CMS has numerous features that users will appreciate: it separates content and design through sample pages, also called templates. The browser interface is simple and intuitive to use. The content can be managed and rewritten even without HTML knowledge, and text formatting is easily done with an editor. Graphics and text menus can be generated dynamically, and new pages created in just a few mouse clicks. There are protected areas available – such as for a corporate intranet – and the system is modularly expandable, like for shop systems, news, newsletters or a forum.

The software scores with its comprehensive functionality on the one hand, and with a very streamlined source code on the other. The code is being constantly further developed by a huge community of developers. Long-term support is offered for several current Typo3 versions. This guarantees further development and support for several years, which means an increase in security for operators.

You can find more information on Typo3 on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TYPO3 and on Typo3 developer’s online presence: https://typo3.org/