Teradata is a database management system

Teradata is a relational database management system, and specialised in warehouse database management and for big data analysis and integrated marketing application. Teradata supports companies in improving the brand experience for their customers through digital and traditional marketing tools. Large customers and users of this technology have backgrounds in retail, telecommunications, banks and insurance and manufacturing for various industries, but they always have large numbers and complex products, such as the automotive industry for example. Such high-performance databases are especially useful for large amounts of data that need to be efficiently processed and made available.

Teradata Marketing Operations supports marketing experts in their work by managing the entire life cycle of the digital marketing – from the first creative design, to testing and team approval, up to the production and inventory tracking. Teradata ensures that all the shared materials are comprehensively managed in a central location – with an optimised updating of content and more efficient usage.

Teradata lets every marketing team analyse its assets according to various criteria. This includes requests, search terms, download frequency or update history. This lets you differentiate between hot sellers and slow movers.

The latest versions of the Teradata Campaign Management offers so-called ‘anonymous to known decisioning’ to let marketing employees better understand their customers, speak more precisely to them and to get closer to them. For example, historical data on customer preferences and responses is linked with real-time information on mobile and online communication channels, which lets marketers generate personalised messages that are immediately relevant and available to customers.

Teradata is used in many industries

Timely content creation is essential for effective marketing. Many marketing experts have still not found a way to create their content as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible. The newest version of Teradata’s Digital Messaging Center is integrated with the content management of the Teradata Campaign Management. Linking the campaign management with the email marketing lets you use predefined templates to ensure the consistency of the message and compliance with guidelines – and, at the same time, to adapt the content of each individual message to keep it as individual as possible.

Teradata Interactive provides strategic consultancy and services to digital marketing companies around the world. In contrast to other providers, Teradata Interactive can draw on effective data-driven approaches from Teradata to advance sustainable marketing. For example, access to a broad audience and a continuous focus on conversions supported by analytics and consulting capacities of Teradata.

Thanks to the increasing use of integrated marketing management solutions, there is also a greater demand for reliable digital marketing services and data-driven solutions which agencies can often not afford. In addition to assistance in campaign planning and execution, Teradata Interactive also offers services for the development, optimisation and implementation of content, campaigns in responsive design, landing pages, rich media productions and HTML, as well as A/B and multivariate testing methods, study designs and brand NPS tracking.

To optimally support customers in the field of marketing, Teradata has built a number of partnerships. Partners include Adam Software, Celebrus Technologies and Urban Airship.

With the new enhancements to the integrated marketing cloud, Teradata’s customers can achieve comprehensive overview, control and consistency, which promises data-driven marketing. Teradata helps use customer data and integrated marketing solutions more efficiently, rely on more accurate information to support marketing and business planning and to ultimately generate more sales.

You can find more information on Teradata on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teradata and on the manufacturer’s website: http://www.teradata.co.uk/?LangType=2057&LangSelect=true