Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM is software for customer care

Sugar CRM is software for companies and is responsible for customer relationship management (CRM). The Community Edition of Sugar CRM was one of the world’s most popular web based open source CRM systems – until the further development of the open source version was discontinued. Open source only refers to the Sugar CRM Community Edition (CE). Other versions, like Sugar CRM Enterprise and Professional Suite, are commercial open source CRM systems according to the manufacturer, and therefore available for a fee.

Sugar CRM is based on the PHP programming language. Sugar CRM is therefore compatible with Linux based servers and database systems, as well as MySQL, Maria DB, Microsoft SQL Servers and Oracle databases. Programming interfaces are already integrated via SOAP and REST, program enhancements and additional application features can be downloaded through the developer platform SugarForge as well as the marketplace Sugar Exchange. The program hosting can be done in various internet clouds or locally.

Some versions of Sugar CRM are free, others you need to pay for

The properties of Sugar CRM: the software covers the most important needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. The costs are relatively low for setting up and support for sugar CRM, the cost of implementation and training for users is manageable thanks to the reduced and easy to understand user interface. In addition, Sugar CRM is very easy to use. Individual customisations to the interface are convenient and comprehensively resolved, which means that all elements can be renamed or hidden if needed.

It is also easy to install Sugar CRM, and extensions and updates are simple. In comparison to other open source CRM systems, Sugar CRM offers great value with regard to email campaigns with the integration of tracking urls.

In the analytical area, Sugar CRM provides engaging standard reports for its users, however, additional information on customer profiles and individual reports are missing.

The program version Sugar 6 supports the workflow in more than 20 languages, even Hebrew and Arabic, and has many new administrative features. In addition, Sugar 6 has also improved mobile CRM access – the software now includes mobile clients for all popular smartphone operating systems like iOS, Android and BlackBerry. The new offline synchronization and an updated HTML chart engine make it possible to read report text on notebooks, smartphones or tablets. At the same time, Sugar 6 has new communicative possibilities for internal communication, as well as for contact between business partners and clients.

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