A smartphone is a mobile telephone that connects to the internet

A smartphone is a mobile telephone that has many more features than just a telephone. A smartphone is a combination of a mobile phone, computer and gaming console. A traditional mobile phone can only make calls, write text messages and play simple games. In comparison, a smartphone is like having a small computer in your pocket.

A smartphone is easy to recognise thanks to its large touch-screen display. The iPhone and Samsung Galaxy are some of the most popular smartphones.

Apps run on the smartphone which have various features

Telephone calls and writing messages was the main focus for traditional mobile phones. With smartphones it no longer depends on how well you can make a phone call – the large touch screen displays open up completely new possibilities. Users can install numerous applications, also known as apps, on the smartphone. In addition, more features are possible, ones that are also offered by PCs. You can connect to the internet, surf the web, send emails and receive emails and use social networks. You can also take pictures and record videos with a smartphone. In contrast to a simple mobile phone, a smartphone has an operating system that is similar to a computer. It can download and store different programs or applications. Users can also connect their smartphone to their own computer, so that the data on all devices is all current.

There is also a further advantage: a smartphone fits comfortably into your pocket and can be brought everywhere. Smartphones also have the technical advantage. There are many options built into smartphones such as motion and light sensors, GPS receivers and many other options.

A further feature that distinguishes smartphones from mobile phones, is the use of apps. Apps let you use your smartphone as a torch and level, as a navigation device, a mini TV and radio. You can play games, order film tickets, check the weather, follow your morning jogging route on a map and test out your fitness.

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