Silverlight is designed for playing multimedia content

Microsoft Silverlight is a plugin and a competing product from Microsoft for Adobe Flash Player, and is used for the playback of multimedia content. Silverlight has been on the market since 2007, and displays interactive elements on websites. These are also called RIAs (rich internet applications). In other words, like Flash, Silverlight is a development platform for multimedia web content like games and interactive animations. Silverlight is available for all popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. The product “Moonlight” from Novell is suitable for Linux systems, and is based on Silverlight.

Users can watch films and look at interactive pages with Silverlight. There are Silverlight pages, similar to Flash sites, which can only be displayed if the right plugin is installed.

Silverlight is designed to be cross-platform

Developers can use a wide range of implemented programming languages such as Ajax, Visual Basic, C# or JavaScript, with which complex applications can be realised. Users will need this plugin to view the Silverlight content, and it can be installed in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

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