Shopware is a popular shop system in Germany

Shopware is a very popular online shop software in German-speaking countries, which is offered by Shopware AG – a company from the Westphalian Schöppingen. Alongside other software products like OXID, Shopify, Magento or Prestashop, it is part of some of the most popular and used e-commerce software products.

Shopware is simple and modular

A big advantage of Shopware is its modular construction and its simplicity. Simple internet shops with basic sales and product information, ordering and payment functions can be easily done with Shopware, without the support of a professional Shopware developer. There are more than 20 different designs available, and you can even make custom adjustments. There is a blog system integrated in Shopware, which lets you inform customers quickly and easily about products and companies. Shopware also provides reporting for sales and purchase behaviour, as well as a voucher system to promote sales. Systems from other providers, such as payment services or merchandise management systems can be integrated via an open API. In addition, several shops on different domains can run within an installation. Shopware is platform-independent.

You can learn more about Shopware through its website:

and on Wikipedia (in German, however):