Salesforce offers cloud computing solutions for companies

Salesforce is a provider of cloud computing solutions for companies and is headquartered in San Francisco (USA). Salesforce provides business applications to companies that they can rent over the internet. Salesforce is a provider of Software as a Service and Platform as a Service, and focuses on customer relationship management (CRM) for companies of different sizes.

Once purely a CRM solution, Salesforce is nowadays an all-rounder for sales, service, marketing and analytics. Salesforce has become a comprehensive tool kit for sales, service and marketing, as well as for the management of diverse communities and business analytics in more recent times. At the same time, the technical basis of Salesforce has been greatly diversified through a series of acquisitions. The analytics cloud functions of Salesforce enable business users to analyse customer data, and help analysts support customers in finding new insights.

Salesforce is a strong cloud platform for business processes

The Salesforce-1 platform is the hub of the cloud offering from Salesforce. This is where the app development for all mobile and stationary devices takes place, as well as the operation of apps for the network of customers, partners and products. About 1.5 billion transactions are conducted via the platform. In addition to the applications offered by Salesforce and its partners, apps are also provided, which are developed by registered developers and other providers or users without programming skills.

Salesforce shares the applications on the platform in different function areas: The Sales Cloud (traditional CRM), the Service Cloud (customer service) the Marketing Cloud (customers), the Analytics Cloud (business intelligence) and the Community Cloud (social media integration). In short: Salesforce is a powerful and innovative cloud platform for the efficient implementation of company-specific processes and applications.

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