Sage CRM

Sage CRM is software for customer relations management

Sage CRM is software from the manufacturer Sage for customer relations management. CRM stands for customer relations management. The program is an industry-independent solution for customer acquisition and retention, as well as for detecting unused revenue potential. Sage CRM can be used in the areas of marketing, sales and customer service in a company. Sage CRM allows the management, control, analysis and the improvement of customer relations. The program stores all data in a central SQL database, interfaces create collaboration with Microsoft Office and the contact data is synchronised with Microsoft Office. The CRM is expandable with certain industry-specific modules that provide useful functionality.

Sage CRM supports small and medium-sized enterprises

Sage CRM helps companies with tools and direct access to all the necessary information to improve the sales process. The Software promises to increase the sales performance of small and medium-sized enterprises, and to get leads and sales opportunities faster through detailed real-time information.

The benefits of Sage CRM lay in the real-time information on customers (including LinkedIn integration) for sales meetings preparations, standard reports that can help make informed business decisions and targeted forecast and sales opportunities management. Sage CRM also guarantees sales reporting for targeted lead tracking, from creation to the conclusion for every sales person. Overarching real-time analytics for sales tracking and sales development for the business and sales management are also possible with the program.

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