OpenCMS is a website content management system

OpenCMS is an easy-to-use website content management system from Alkacon Software. OpenCMS is open source which means that anyone can use it without needing to pay licensing fees. OpenCMS allows its users around the world to create websites quickly and efficiently and manage them.

The fully browser-based user interface offers configurable editors for content with defined fields. Alternatively, content can be created with a specific editor which is similar to office applications. A template engine ensures a corporate layout across the entire website and the W3C Standard for all content.

OpenCMS is based on the Java and XML scripting languages. The software can run in an open source environment like Linux, Apache, Tomcat or MySQL, as well as on commercial components like Windows NT, IIS, BEA, Weblogic or Oracle. OpenCMS is free of licensing costs because it is true open source software.

OpenCMS is open source and is constantly being further developed

The origins of OpenCMS lie with Alexander Kandizor, who started development in 1994. Initially conceived as an in-house web agency solution, the first open source version appeared in March 2000. OpenCMS has been developed and distributed by Alkacon Software GmbH, founded by Alexander Kandizor. OpenCMS can be expanded with modules and extensions. The two versions differ in that modules can be imported directly through the administration view in a running CMS, while adjustments to the configuration of the system are required for extensions. There are a number of developers who provide a wide selection for modules. There are also commercial ones, but these are mostly free to download. Alkacon provides various documentation for OpenCMS. A guided tour helps you get started and introduces the features of the system. In addition, there are structured overviews of new features for versions. There is also a comprehensive Wiki that provides answers to most questions. There are also offers from Alkacon that you need to pay for, along with information that is publicly available. There are also support contracts which are offered in packages which are limited to a fixed or unlimited number of requests.

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