OpenCart is a platform-independent shop system for beginners

OpenCart – like Magento or Gambio – is a platform independent online shop system. OpenCart has been developed since 2008 by Daniel Kerr and Tuen Mun. OpenCart is easy to use and requires only a short training period, therefore it is especially suitable for small shop operators and beginners in e-commerce. The system, based on PHP, runs on a MVC framework and draws on a MySQL database. Users are can freely use the design options of the designs by using a template engine. This lets users connect to PayPal for transaction processes or to other service providers through additional plugins if necessary. OpenCart, like Magento, also has a strong community around it which is constantly working on the further development and improvement of the system, and simplifies information procurement through web tutorials.

OpenCart is open source and has many advantages

The advantages of OpenCart at a glance: OpenCart is an open source shop system without user limitation, it is written in the programming language PHP and is easy to use, set up, operate and manage. It is possible to connect payment modules from third parties such as PayPal. OpenCart has a high availability of modules and extensions, it has a feature for different languages and currencies and uses templates for product updates which can be easily maintained without any programming knowledge. The disadvantages of OpenCart: the function scope is limited to standard features, and there is only one limited search machine optimisation possible.

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