MySQL is a very popular database management system

MySQL is one of the world’s most popular relational database management systems. It is available as open source software for various operating systems and provides a basis for dynamic websites. MySQL was originally developed to access large databases faster than the existing solutions. MySQL has been used in very complex product environments for years. Although it is constantly evolving, MySQL still offers a rich set of functions. Flexible connectivity, speed and security make MySQL especially suitable for access to databases on the internet. One big advantage is that the MySQL database server is very fast, reliable and easy to use.

MySQL offers many useful features

MySQL also has many additional practical features that were developed in close cooperation with the users. MySQL servers work as a client server version and in embedded systems. The MySQL database software consists of a multiple thread SQL server, which supports various backends as well as diverse client programs and libraries, and management tools. Many various programming interfaces (API) can communicate with it. MySQL finds structures in already existing database, creates ER models and also provides features for change management and documentation tasks. In addition, MySQL converts tables from SQL server into MySQL tables.

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