Magnolia is an open source content management system

Magnolia is a content management system which is open source and works on the basis of the Java scripting language. Magnolia imports external data into a central content repository and makes it ready for editing. Magnolia CMS has existed for more than ten years and serves a number of well-known companies in implementing their websites. Its core idea is based on separation into an authoring system to enter and capture texts and images on one hand, and on the other it is a publication system, which presents user content in a uniform layout.

The server behind Magnolia is implemented in Java and based on a range of open source components like the servlet container Apache Tomcat and the content repository Jackrabbit. Magnolia CMS is available in a free version, and also in an Enterprise Edition. The free version is available under the GPL, while for the commercial version, the Magnolia Company behind Magnolia CMS has made additional features available like support for multiple internet domains or commercial JEE servers like Websphere or Weblogic.

Magnolia creates opportunities for flexible use

From the perspective of the developer, Magnolia CMS offers flexible ways to use it, especially through its focus on current standards and the use of established open source technologies. Adjusting configurations and functions or replacing entire functional components are made very easy. A fast learning curve for a developer without experience in Magnolia is not really possible. Magnolia offers the possibility to access all content and configurations stored in the Java Content Repository (JCR) with the help of a REST service, for the integration in a system landscape with various components. One can also create or edit content, as well as execute Magnolia commands such as ‘publish’ or ‘versioning’ with this REST API. This lets you realise the export of content from an external system to a Magnolia instance, and also allows content to be published ‘remotely’. In addition, Magnolia has various factory classes and interfaces to implement the appropriate REST client functionality. Therefore, external content can be integrated directly into editing dialogs to publish or link to a specific Google News message, for example.

Access to data outside of the JCR can be realised with the help of content connector interfaces. Java classes that implement this interface can very easily integrated into a Magnolia app, so that access to external data using the native Magnolia GUI can be realised problem-free.

Magnolia provides all source code via Git and Nexus for both the Community and the Enterprise Edition. You can find more on Magnolia on Wikipedia: and on the manufacturer’s website: