Magento is professional software for the e-commerce industry

Magento is one of the world’s most popular e-commerce systems, as the program combines functionality with a high level of convenience. Magento boasts a large variety of functions, even in the standard version, as professional web shop software. The e-commerce platform is especially well-loved for its flexibility and the variety of templates available to the user. Magento is available as open source software – free of licensing costs. It is very adaptable and has good scalability. At the same time, Magento has high hardware requirements and requires a large learning curve. For medium sized and professional shop operators who deal internationally with different languages and currencies, and which have a wide selection of products, Magento is a powerful alternative in terms of commercial products.

Magento is a functional solution for shop professionals

Extensive experience with frameworks and PHP is essential for the custom development of Magento-based web stores. If one would like to quickly implement an online shop with standard features which can be used straight away, Magento is not the solution.  In this case, the system will be oversized and other shop software might be more appropriate. Magento is generally too complex for small companies and start-ups, and also too difficult to implement. Magento is better suited to mid-sized companies due to the hardware requirements and functionality.

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