iOS is the operating system from Apple for mobile devices

iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple for its devices the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod Touch. In contrast to Android, which is an operating system with open source code, iOS only uses Apple’s own hardware. This makes the software and hardware perfectly matched in the system. While Android and iOS share almost the same market share in the USA – although Android is slightly ahead – while Apple has a market share of about 14% with iOS in Germany.

iOS offers good protection against viruses and malware

iOS provides users with a browser, an email program, a cloud service and apps for notes and reminders. In addition, an alarm clock and a messenger are pre-installed, a calendar and an app for the weather. iOS also offers a compass, a fitness app health, and from Version 8 an app for downloading podcasts.

iOS updates are promptly offered by Apple via a centralised controller. There are hardly any viruses or malicious apps apps for iOS products, in contrast to Android products. However, the selection of free apps is not as extensive as for Android applications. The major disadvantages of iOS: if you buy an iPhone or an iPad, you are then automatically forced to use Apple’s services. This means that you can only download apps from the App Store, films and videos only from iTunes and you can only save your photos in the iCloud. Apple blocks any other routes.

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