IBM DB2 is a relational database management system

IBM DB2 is the largest modern database management system alongside Oracle. IBM DB2 has a long history and is available for various operating systems like Windows, OS2, UNIX as well as the mainframe computer system OS/390 or MVS. The performance and stability of DB2 make this database management system interesting for very large companies such as banks, insurance and corporations in various industrial branches.

IBM DB2 is distributed for various platforms

The main features of IBM DB2 are, alongside constant management, sustained long-term data, withstanding individual runs of applications and the efficient management of this data, which means that access to a specific record can be done as quickly as possible. In addition, there is the provision of operations and descriptive language for data modification and selection. The list of IBM DB2 features is complemented by the transaction concept support. This means that operations which are related are indivisible by IBM DB2, and are either run as a whole or not run at all. IBM DB2 ensures that the data is always in a consistent state. In addition, IBM DB2 supports data protection with user roles and established rights. IBM DB2 is then multi-user capable, which means that a database can be used by different users at the same time without them influencing one another.

IBM DB2 is available to buy in different packages. In addition to the regular products, there is a personal and Workgroup Editions, as well as Developer’s Editions. These include IBM DB2 Connect and Visual Age for Java in the Entry or Professional Edition. IBM DB2 Personal Developer’s Edition is available for free download – and it also not performance limited. The Enterprise Edition can be downloaded as a 90-day limited edition.

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