Gambio is a freely available webshop solution

Gambio is open source e-commerce software, meaning it does not charge license fees, which lets you create a professional shop solution online. Gambio is an evolution of xt:Commerce and is distributed, maintained and developed by the Gambio GmbH is Bremen. Gambio distinguishes itself from xt:Commerce through its greater ease of use and better functionality for designing webshops. Building on xt:Commerce Version 3.04, over the course of many years of further development, Gambio places particular emphasis on the fact that the most important features are available to the shop operator themself – even if they have no programming knowledge – via a simple menu. It should also grant the shop operator a large amount of entrepreneurial room to manoeuvre.

Gambio is a further development of xt:Commerce

The webshop system Gambio combines comprehensive functionality with user-friendly operability. The e-commerce open source project is based on PHP and MySQL. In Gambio, search engine optimisation, importing and exporting article data in CSV format, web applications for creating vouchers and product reviews are taken into account, just like the simple creation of advisory pages and landing pages. Templates can be changed individually with a fee-based, downloadable expansion. This is available in the 12 month package, which also includes Gambio support.

Gambio internet shop advantages lay in its ease of use, its high functionality, the extensive support services and the adaptation to local laws, such as German legislation. Gambio’s disadvantages are a comparatively small community and a stale shop core as a base.

You can find more information on Gambio on the manufacturer’s website: