FileMaker is a proprietary database system

FileMaker is a proprietary, “rapid engineering” database management system. Behind the name you will find a relational database system which realises business databases in relatively short time. You can access these databases with computers running Mac OS X and Windows, as well as with the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as with an HTML5 capable internet browser since the introduction of FileMaker 13. FileMaker comes from the early years of computers – the first version was developed for MS-DOS by the company Nutshell. Nowadays, FileMaker provides some different software versions that let various database solutions be realised fully scalable.

FileMaker has all the important interfaces that have practical relevance

FileMaker has all interfaces possible that can be used in practice. In the simplest case, FileMaker can import data from Excel spreadsheets and workbooks, tab or comma delimited text files, serial letters or data from FileMaker Bento. In addition, FileMaker supports the import of XML files with any style sheets and data from any ODBC data source by SQL Statement. These can be used directly as spreadsheets in FileMaker databases.

When using FileMaker Server, FileMaker databases can be shared for an unlimited amount of users at multiple locations. This makes the data available not only for FileMaker clients, but also for direct web publishing via access through the web browser and for access via PHP through websites or online shops.

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