Excel is a spreadsheet calculation program from Microsoft

The spreadsheet calculation program Excel was developed by Microsoft. Numbers and text can be collected in a table and evaluated in different ways. Various functions are available from the areas of statistics, financial mathematics and also calculations of every kind. The individual tables are found on spreadsheets, which are then located in a workbook, and more spreadsheets can then be added or deleted.

A spreadsheet consists of rows, columns and individual cells. These are the intersections between row and column. Excel can present all values or calculation results as a diagram or conduct complex mathematical calculations. Excel can create calculations with formulas and functions, work on logical links with if-then relationships, create diagrams and other charts, filter, sort and group results and evaluate pivot tables or develop them in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

Excel is an essential part of business life

Excel is currently the most popular spreadsheet program. Excel is essential in the commercial and statistical field. Most users purchase the program as part of the Office Suite, which also contains the writing program Word and the presentation software PowerPoint. Excel is the successor of Microsoft Multiplan, which was introduced for Apple systems in 1985. The first version for Excel followed in 1987 for IBM PCs.

You can find further information on Excel on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Excel

and on Microsoft’s website: https://products.office.com/en-gb/excel