Data acquisition

Data acquisition is the creation of an electronic archive

There is a flood of data nowadays, which means that not only do businesses need to be able to find data, they also need to be able to keep it. A shelf in the office is no longer going to be enough to keep up. An electronic archive is now a ‘must’ for modern businesses, which means that a company needs a database that is well maintained and kept up to date. Data acquisition is the creation of a database and is also essential for digital archiving. The technical and staff requirements that are needed for professional data acquisition and data maintenance are often too much for a company’s free capacity. It is not usually economically feasible to manage mass data in house; therefore, data acquisition is often outsourced to external service providers.

This includes data maintenance, data processing, data analysis, master data acquisition and the entry of invoices, delivery notes, order forms, response processing and address registration. Data acquisition from questionnaires, sweepstakes, work records and internet research are also a main focus. Companies that specialise in data acquisition will first process the documents, sort them and prepare them for further processing.

Data acquisition is often outsourced to specialised service providers

While the logical linking of data is becoming faster through modern hardware and software, the field of data acquisition is still experiencing a bottleneck in electronic data processing. There are many advantages to using a professional service provider for data acquisition, such as the speed, the higher rate of streamlining, the clear archiving system, the fast access times and the high data security.

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