Content Management System

A content management system manages content on the internet

Content management system can be shortened to CMS. A content management system manages content – often on the internet and in connection with a web site. The term CMS and content management system can now even be found in other languages around the world such as German. There are many content management systems nowadays that are either available for free as open source software, or commercially as software. WordPress, Joomla, OpenCMS, Drupal and Typo3 are some of the most widespread. This is not only due to the quality of these content management systems, but also the number of installations and therefore their development stage.

Some content management systems are used all over the world

A content management system can be used to manage content from a website in a simple way. Texts and images are meant when we refer to content, but site navigation can also be administered with a content management system. A content management system that manages content from websites is also called a web content management system. Using a content management system on a website requires a bit more effort during installation, but it offers many advantages: on the one hand, the design of the site is managed separately from the layout, design and content. This means that when you use a content management system you will not need to worry about the layout when working on the content, and vice versa. So with just a few clicks in the content management system the entire layout can be changed for the website.

On the other hand, this separation of layout and content makes it possible for different users to access the content of the content management system. The content of a website is often stored on a database in a content management system, such as MySQL. Templates are used for the design of a content management system website, which consist of HTML and placeholders. The placeholder is then automatically replaced by content when looking at the website of the content management system.

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