Contao is a free content management system

Contao is a content management system and a flexible CMS that can be used universally. Its structural clarity, high security standards and many easy to implement module extension possibilities make Contao a suitable content management system for large and small solutions.

Contao’s intuitive and beginner friendly user interface ensures optimal user experience and easy system operation. Contao is a good alternative to the numerous content management systems with its multiple back end language options and templates, live update service and expanded search and sorting options. The modern architecture of the application allows you to create search machine friendly and barrier free websites, even without expert HTML knowledge.

Contao has a user friendly interface

Contao has the possibility for integrated file management, options for flexible forms and a central page structure, as well as an integrated news and blog module, an integrated CSS framework, an integrated calendar module and advanced editing features, all for the easy creation, management and editing of content, multimedia elements and extensions. Contao’s integrated file management supports file uploads via an FTP server, as well as with the built-in file manager. Images, videos, animations and files that have been uploaded can be edited in the source text editor from Contao, and be selected in advance through automatically generated preview images. Creating a wide variety of web forms is easy with the help of Contao’s form generator. Generated content can be sent via email through an automatic check, or stored in the database. Contao supports different page types and allows for different web pages within the structure of a page. Websites and areas can be protected with passwords, and intelligent time control can decide which content is available online. Users have full control of whether or not a page is hidden in the menu. In addition, you can determine which parts of the page should be indexed and which should not. The integrated news and blog modules support message archives, categories and comments. Contributions can be easily replaced with RSS feeds. Pictures and optional data attachments can be added to individual news articles. Advanced editing capabilities allow you to easily change the content. You can copy or move content with the clipboard, restore previous versions and process several records at once. You can edit texts with the rich text editor TinyMCE, which includes an automatic spell checker. The Contao CMS includes an integrated full text search engine which makes it easy to find specific files quickly. The search can be done for word phrases or placecards, as well as with an and/or search. The search index is automatically built up and includes optional and protected pages. The search results can be limited further by means of filters.

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