CodeIgniter is an open-source framework

CodeIgniter is an open source web framework written in the PHP programming language, which is especially popular in the USA. This type of web framework is software that is intended for the development of dynamic websites, web apps or web services. Prefabricated and previously defined classes are simplified through repetitive activities, and promote the reuse of code and the self documentation of the software development. CodeIgniter was developed in 2006 by the software company EllisLab from Oregon. CodeIgniter is reputed to be faster and more efficient than other frameworks, which shortens the development time of new software.

However, EllisLab’s developer team has not developed the framework further in recent years; the version that appeared in 2014 is the last for the time being. In October 2014 the Canadian British Columbia Institute of Technology announced they were taking over the project.

Due to the fact that CodeIgniter was kept deliberately streamlined, the framework is regarded to be higher performing than other frameworks, and users can learn it in a relatively short time. CodeIgniter used the model-view-controller architecture to keep the code concise. There is no particular approach to programming that is absolutely essential.

CodeIgniter works quickly and efficiently

The basic reasoning behind model-view-controller is that program code and design should be strictly separated from one another, so that the software is more strongly divided into modules. This lets back end developers deal with the logic of developing, and front end developers take over the layout and the individual graphic elements. It is possible to work parallel, which contributes to the rapid development time of the software.

CodeIgniter has a comprehensive package of libraries and diverse help functions, so developers can take over frequently used functions – from database communication, to input validation up to the implementation of a shopping cart system. The advantage is that this leads to lower resource consumption, and libraries are only loaded when they are needed. The configuration is also kept strictly simple.

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