CAD CAM is computer-aided design and manufacturing

CAD CAM process are computer-aided procedures for the construction and manufacturing of various things. CAD/CAM means Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing. These two programs are used in construction and design. A design specification is created on a computer and then ultimately used automatically in a computer-controlled manufacturing specification. CAD CAM procedures are often used in dentistry or dental technology for single tooth restorations such as inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns and crown settings. It also allows for the creation of bridge frameworks in different sizes, implant supra structures, ceramic telescopes, bridges and various connecting parts. Removable dentures are not yet able to be produced with commercial CAD CAM systems.

CAD CAM is often used in dentistry

The first step in CAD CAM procedures in dentistry is digitization. There are a number of different methods for data collection. For dentistry, this means things like depending on the planned restoration from an individual tooth, additional information might be needed, such as data on the neighbouring teeth or the jaw.

The digital raw data will then need to be edited before the computer aided design (CAD) of the restoration, through procedures such as filters or spatial mapping. The computer design on the restoration will range from simple inlays to complex bridge structures. Depending on the production process the CAD restoration will need to be implemented in machine-readable language – such as cutting paths or CNC paths – for duplicate stumps, forms or the restorations themselves. Then the CAM part begins, namely the computer aided manufacturing.

The necessary reworking will depend on the materials and the CAD CAM systems. Ultimately, the restoration will be tried on the patient, the fit tested and the restoration will be affixed with a suitable fastening material. CAD CAM processes are not only used in dentistry, but also everywhere 3D models are created, where technical designs are made, or manufacturing processes or tool management processes need to be optimised.

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