BlackBerry mobiles were the pioneers of mobile communication

BlackBerry phones were first designed by Canadian manufacturer RIM, as an ordinary mobile phone. The Brand is known for its physical keyboard which is found in nearly every model. Advanced features are available to let a BlackBerry have all the possibilities of a smartphone. This puts this phone into direct competition with the iPhone from Apple, with a comparison revealing certain advantages. In 1999 RIM technology made history by bringing the first device on the market under the name of BlackBerry 850. This ushered in the age of mobile communication. For the first time it was possible to receive email through a mobile internet connection, or to synchronise new appointments online. Its successor, the BlackBerry 5810, was introduced in 2002 and is regarded as a milestone in the history of technology.

BlackBerry smartphones are designed for the needs of business people as well since they offer great email functionality. These also include application details such as an address book or a calendar. Synchronisation with an email server also takes place, which means that users can then still find deleted emails from their PC still in the right folder. As a BlackBerry user you can also access company information the same way.

BlackBerry was designed for business customers

In the course of smartphone evolution BlackBerry phones became very popular among private customers. If users only want a pure phone, a different device is recommended. BlackBerrys are first and foremost suitable thanks to the additional benefits found in the Outlook area.

BlackBerrys have numerous advantages compared to other smartphones: the first direct advantage in comparison to other smartphones is that BlackBerry is a portable office thanks to the email functionality, and the Outlook options in general. Although this can also be done with other smartphones in similar ways, but the fact that you can use the keyboard with just one hand, and the specially adjustable side buttons make it much simpler to use.

Other communication or office applications such as Skype or Google voice can also be installed on it. In general, all larger messenger programs are able to be used on it. Further advantages of BlackBerry are that the phones can be used with virtually any provider, have an expandable memory and – unlike the iPhone for example – have a removable battery. This lets you increase speed and battery power manually.

In addition, BlackBerry offers various forms of keyboard sizes and can meet individual requirements that way. BlackBerry is also able to multitask because multiple applications can run at the same time.

The many advantages are complemented by the fact that BlackBerrys can be synchronised with multiple computers which means that users can integrate their work computers, as well as their private computers, into the network. In this respect, the BlackBerry is one of the most secure phones. Thats why it is preferred by public sectors, as well as the iPhone for example.

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