Apps are software that enhance the functionality of your mobile devices

App is an abbreviation for application software. Apps are nothing more than computer programs that expand the capabilities of a smartphone or tablet. This application software could be a calendar, a train timetable or an alarm clock, or it could show when the next full moon will be, is used to play Sudoku or help to edit photos in funny ways. Publishers use apps to get their readers to transition from printed products to reading online. There is a huge selection of apps and there are always new ones being added. Apps run on smartphones – no matter whether it is Android or iPhone – and tablets. On all these devices users can run programs and use web applications. Apps first need to be downloaded and run – the installation then takes place automatically.

The different types of apps

A distinction is made between native apps – apps that are installed on the device – web apps (which are only available online) and hybrid apps. The latter are apps that can run on different types of devices and are also available offline. They are gaining more and more market share because they combine the benefits of both web and native apps, reach many more users and are easy to use. The manufacturers also provide regular updates.

Hybrid apps are developed on the basis of the programming languages HTML5, CSS3 or JavaScript. Apps make it easier access to information on the Internet and make many services easier and faster to use too. The vast majority of apps are developed for the Android operating system, while others are developed for iOS – the operating system from Apple for mobile devices.

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