Alfresco is an open source content management system

Alfresco is a content management system and is offered as an open source software which streamlines and reduces work processes. The CMS solution provides the framework for document management, collaboration, web content management and much more, and can be expanded to customer and industry specific requirements. In addition to numerous features, Alfresco also supports the SharePoint protocol. The SharePoint functionality allows users to get the same opportunities for collaboration in Office products like with SharePoint. Separate client installations – such as in the form of Office add-ins – are not necessary.

Alfresco supports editing Office documents directly from the browsers. The document is locked to other users during the editing process. This eliminates complicated check-in/checkout. Documents are already displayed in the browser for preview. The user can also see the work history in sites on the status messages through activities or subscriptions and the user is then informed immediately after logging in what information is new.

Alfresco can be connected to SAP for data exchange

There is also the possibility to connect Alfresco to systems such as SAP. Data can be easily exchanged between the CMS and SAP through an SAP interface.

The interface allows for communication and bi-directional data exchange between Alfresco and SAP. SAP documents such as invoices, delivery notes and pay slips can be filed with the help of the interface in Alfresco, and linked through the bi-directional data exchange with SAP. Thanks to the automatic linking and filing of SAP output and SAP input documents, it is also possible to find and reproduce SAP bookings in Alfresco.

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