Agile software development goes step by and creates a measurement of success

Agile software development is a type of software development which is characterised by the fact that it is as unbureaucratic as possible and relatively straightforward. Agile software development deals with frequent feedback processes and a cyclic approach on all levels of team work, from development to team work up to management.

Unlike conventional approaches, the Agile approach does not plan all details in advance and then develop them in one long stretch, but instead is a gradual process and has regular measurements of success. The background: you can assume that the requirements will change during the duration of the project, and often they are not even fully defined at the start of the project. Instead, with the Agile approach, short planning and development phases are alternated. Once a vision has been developed for the new system, meaning the goals that should be achieved with the new software have been set, a plan is then set for the first version and development begins. The necessary adjustments and corrections are then made.

Agile development dynamically adapts to changes

Agile methods are way to employ the new system as soon as possible and to check if the objects can be achieved. It is assumed to be inconvenient to hold these tests at the end of the project because too much time will have passed, and it will be too late for corrections and changes. Instead, Agile development considers is necessary to hold these checks as early as possible so that countermeasures can be taken and any undesirable developments can be avoided. This is because clear business objectives must be reached with every new software, which are usually provided by the management or customers. These business objectives are then turned into requirements, which then in turn should correspond to the developing software.

This means that a double transfer process takes place: from the business objectives to the requirements, and from the requirements to implementation. Meeting these two processes represents the biggest challenge in software development.

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