Access is a software from Microsoft for creating databases

Access is a software from Microsoft to create and manage databases. It lets you collect large amounts of data and process and read it. Nowadays, Access is mostly used in database systems for business applications. Access can be purchased individually or in the complete Office package produced by Microsoft, just like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Database applications can be created and managed with Access. You don’t need any special programming skills for it: anyone can use the software are a short training.

You can create the databases as apps for the PC, or as applications for the browser. Once they are created, the databases can then be made available to a team of colleagues.


Access can be used even without any programming knowledge

A database is usually complicated to create and even more difficult to manage. But that is a thing of the past with Microsoft’s Access: the manufacturer has enormously simplified the path to your own data collection. Access provides a large number of templates and allows you to create simple forms with input and output fields, as well as graphical elements.

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