Finding a good C# developer made easy

C# developers mainly develop software for the .NET platform from Microsoft, and the software giant has developed an extra object-oriented programming language just for this. C# uses concepts from the Java, Haskell C and Delphi languages. C# developers are therefore quite experienced in these languages.

C# is primarily used for Windows applications, although this language is essentially platform independent and can also be used with Linux or Mac OS X executable Mono project instead of .NET.

A C# developer develops applications that access a wide variety of systems and databases. The language, also called Visual C#, is therefore often used in large, internally networked programs and e-commerce, e-business or web services.

Visual C# developers are expensive

In contrast to the reputation of Windows’ operating system, the demand for C# developers is not slowing down. This comes as no surprise – Windows is still the most widely used interface and dominates the market for lucrative business software.

According to the monthly comparison analysis by Gooroo Insights, a worldwide comparison shows that a C# developer earns an average of around 82,000 US dollars. This is also dependent on the demand for skills in .NET, Microsoft SQL server and ASP.NET. All in all, C# is found on place 5 of the world’s most used languages.

Thanks to the wide spread use and popularity of C#, flexible companies have a good chance to find affordable employees. If you do not limit yourself to permanent employment or contracts to European companies, you can hire significantly more affordable C# developers, without having to pay the large salary mentioned earlier.

C# developers from India

A C# developer occupies a special position here. Over the last two decades the country has developed in the world’s largest outsourcing market for IT specialists. The Indian IT industry employs around 3 million IT workers, and provides more than half of worldwide outsourcing software developers on the market. This includes thousands of experienced C# developers.

With outsourcing4work, you can use this enormous potential to your advantage. We can provide you with an individual Indian C# developer or a team at a fixed price or as temporary employees. We can also offer you dedicated employees or a complete branch of your own team in India for larger projects. Thanks to contracts with a European company and our experienced project managers you will always be on the safe side.

Thanks to our many years of experience on the Indian IT industry we will ensure efficient communication without misunderstandings during the project phases. Cultural differences in mentality will not stand in the way of your project’s success.