Find a developer:India is the land of opportunity

It is not easy to find a good developer on the European market: IT professionals, software developers and programmers are hard to find for European companies. The demand for qualified employees is huge – and the supply is not large enough to meet it. Professionals from the field of software, IT and computer technology have it easy on the job market: they are heavily recruited by European companies and are desperately wanted.

Finding software developers and programmers – not so easy

According to current studies more than 30 per cent of companies find the search for a developer and other IT professionals extremely difficult, followed by engineers and technical workers. There’s also a large lack of doctors and nurses at the moment. The demand for skilled workers increased by double-digit percentages in 2015 in comparison to the previous year, experts have shown. The demand for skilled labour was at an above average level last year. The trend could continue in 2016 as well. 25 per cent of companies expect an increasing demand for the coming 12 months. Three fourths of companies already find it challenging to find suitable candidates for their vacancies.

The solution is the outsourcing of services

The solution is not always to employ permanent staff. Outsourcing can also be a suitable alternative. Many companies rely on outsourcing services; they rely on service providers who provide European clients with developers from India. The Indian market offers European IT companies huge opportunities when outsourcing developer and support services. outsourcing4work, an outsourcing service provider from Darmstadt, knows how to take advantage of this potential, and when companies need to know when accessing Indian workers. outsourcing4work provides companies with access to the Indian job market and shows them the steps to take to successfully outsource IT tasks. outsourcing4work has partner companies in India who provide permanently employed employees as developers, and who can take over IT tasks. outsourcing4work knows Indian business practices and understands the intercultural and linguistic differences. German and English speaking project managers work as your contact person to the Indian companies.

Work around the shortage with developers from India

outsourcing4work’s offer is a response to the increasing demand for developers and other IT experts by European companies. In Europe at the moment there is a huge demand for software experts, while in India there are many highly trained IT professionals who will reliably take on contracts for companies all over the world. In a globalised world you should take advantage of the opportunities this potential offers. Clients will also benefit from the financial advantages of this arrangement. You can then avoid the increasing costs and shortage of skilled developers in Europe conveniently.