What do your services cost?

We offer you the highest quality results at attractive prices. Depending on the project and the individual terms agreed to, we offer either a fixed rate or bill for our services at an hourly rate that is calculated to the exact minute. Our hourly rates start at €6 for English-speaking and €15 for German-speaking staff.

What guarantee do I have that your services will meet my expectations?

Upon request, we will send you our work results after each working day. This way, you remain up to date at all times and can closely follow the progress of our work. In addition, our experience, the project manager accountable to you and our stringent quality control ensure that you get exactly the work results that were agreed upon at the beginning of the project.

Doesn’t outsourcing always carry some risks?

Yes, outsourcing projects or tasks may include some risks. They arise mostly from

However, you will not encounter these risks with outsourcing4work. You work with a German project manager who is available during your working hours and at any time accepts responsibility for the quality of our services. Depending on your requirements,English- or German-speaking staff will complete your tasks. And as a service provider based in Germany, we are subject to German law in every aspect.

Why should I choose outsourcing4work for my data collection needs?

outsourcing4work has highly trained and experienced staff in Germany, India and Pakistan. This allows us to put together customized teams for any task and offer you professional work with the best possible results at attractive prices. We are certain you will not find better offers on the market.c

Why should I outsource my data collection?

Outsourcing makes sense if it can save you as the client time or money or if a specialized service provider can obtain better results than you could within the company. With manual data collection, these three criteria often converge. Because of our specialization and the extensive experience of our staff, we can work much more efficiently and achieve better results than if you handled the data collection internally. In addition, manual data collection often necessitates increased capacity for a limited time. Most companies whose core business isn’t data collection aren’t flexible enough to accommodate these temporary needs.

How safe are my data and documents with you?

We monitor our work continuously. In doing this, we also protect your data and documents from damage, loss or unauthorized use. With outsourcing4work, you are in safe hands at every stage of our cooperation. After completion of a project, we return all the data and documents provided by you or, upon your request, confirm their total destruction or deletion from all our computers and storage media.

In what form and in what way will you make your work results available to me?

Here, too, you decide how we submit our work results to you according to your needs. We can provideyour data to youin Excel files, in databases, online or in any other form.

How can I transfer my data to you?

You can select the form of data transfer most convenient for you (paper, via FTP, in databases, by email, etc.) according to your options.

In what form can I provide my data to you?

You can provide us with your data in the form most convenient for you(paper, PDF, audio, tables, databases, etc.).

What kind of data can you collect?

We can generally collect any data that is available or is represented in a form readable by humans in English or German, or can be transcribed to such a form.