Charming Places

Development and Administration of a Website with Charm

Holiday Destinations To Dream About

Siglinde Fischer GmbH & Co. KG makes holiday dreams come true. The company has given its customers nights and holidays in hand-selected boutique hotels and holiday homes for more than 30 years. It’s all in the name: these offers all set themselves apart with the highest quality, their own special style and genuine hospitality. It is aimed at discerning customers who do not go to large tour operators.

The team at Siglinde Fischer GmbH meticulously examines and assess all properties before putting them in the “Charming Places” catalogue, and on the website Siglinde Fischer GmbH has carved out a unique niche in the highly competitive tourism market.

Of course, an impressive online presence and the ability to book online are essential to the success of this business. Therefore, the website from Siglinde Fischer GmbH will need to meet several requirements:

  • Clients want to already start to build anticipation and excitement for their next holiday on the homepage.
  • It should be clear from the start that the hotels and holiday homes on offer are especially charming and beautiful, as well as make clients aware that they can not find any other comparable offers from other companies, nor offers that have been so thoroughly vetted.
  • At the same time, there must be search options present according to the type of accommodation, type of trip, destination, travel date and other criteria.
  • And last, but not least, there should be enough information and facts available for every destination.

In short: it represents a real challenge to create a web site for a travel agent that stands out from the crowd and convinces customers to book their holiday here and now. The site will of course also need to be error-free and resilient.