Having an app developed: outsourcing the smart way

Do you want to have a mobile app developed, and are looking for a suitable software developer for the development work? Then you aren’t alone! The last few years have seen smartphones become increasingly popular, and with a good app idea you can reach a huge audience.

But before you rush into finding an app developer, you should make sure you take enough time to refine your app’s concept. That’s the only way your app can become successful. Here are a few details on the leading app systems and what you should pay attention to when developing an app.

Having an app developed – the available platforms

The market for mobile operating systems and the app platforms are very straightforward, and a look at the current systems shows that it currently covered by only three systems: Android, iOS and Windows Mobile (previously Windows Phone). You will also find other interfaces such as Java ME, Symbian and BlackBerry in the overview, but they are now almost obsolete and are only used on old devices. BlackBerry has now jumped on the Android bandwagon, which means the end of its own BlackBerry OS.

Having iOS and Android apps developed: the differences

As you can see in the figure, iOS and Android are the two most important systems. While Objective-C (or C/C++) is used for iOS apps, Android apps use Java. Objective-C has its roots in the programming languages C and SmallTalk and is less common than Java which is used in many other areas in addition to Android apps. This combination with the market leader Android means that it is easier to find an experienced Android developer.

In comparison to Android, iOS scores points with more efficient developer tools. Apple targets the premium segment with its products and its available apps, and it makes it easy for developers to create high-quality apps. The iOS development environment Xcode is especially efficient thanks to its snazzy emulators. The emulators available through Android are a bit more sluggish.

The different versions and devices are factors not to be underestimated with Android. If you would like to create an iOS app, you will only need to worry about a few different devices (iPhone 3, 4, 5, 6 iPad 1-5 Generation, as well as iPad mini/Pro), because Apple is the only manufacturer for iOS hardware. If you would like to have an Android app developed, you will often find different hardware equipment on various Android devices, in particular the screen resolutions. This can complicate the development of apps that will run equally well on everything. It is virtually impossible to test an app on every compatible device in Android.

It is significantly easier to publish an app with Android because it doesn’t have a review process like Apple. Data exchange between different apps is easier in Android apps, as well as in-depth changes to the operating systems through apps. In comparison, iOS apps operate in a kind of sandbox which only have access to a specific part of the system.

Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft System takes a special role in comparison to Android or iOS. Windows Phone only has a mere 2.5% market share among mobile platforms. Microsoft introduced the Universal Windows Platform with Windows 10, which allows for simple and simultaneous app development for a wide range of devices. For app developers it is easy to publish a single app for desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, and soon even game consoles such as the Xbox One using the tools provided by Microsoft. As a look at the statistics show, Microsoft is still the market leader for PCs. More users can be reached with strategically placed UWP apps than by the 2.5% among mobile platforms.

Having an app developed – India offers expertise and cost advantages

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